How it works? What should I do to block ads?

The app should be turned on in Safari Settings. Here’s how to enable ad blocker and get everything up and running:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select ‘Safari’ and choose ‘Content Blockers’
  3. Enable ‘Ad Blocker’


It could take some time to get it installed in the system. Please hold on for 10 seconds and reload the page.

What can I block?

We suggest you to block the most popular ad networks entirely. Also you can block all kinds of ads and pop-ups suddenly appearing on web pages, or prevent them from showing up the next time you open up a page.

You can enable blocking for:

  • Ads and Tracking
  • Images
  • Cookies
  • Media
  • Popups

Ad Blocker is ON, but I am still seeing/getting ads!

If a website fails to load correctly or you still see ads on a website, please report back to us support@mybestadblock.com by tapping “Website Not Working” or “Ads Not Blocked” (you’ll see “Report Site” right away as you open the app).

You can report issues on specific sites right in Safari with no need to copy-paste website’s URL, by following the steps:

  • Open ‘Safari’ and a website you’re having troubles with;
  • Tap ‘Open In’ button;
  • Set “Ad Blocker Actions’ ON in “More” section;   

AdBlocker for iOS

  • Tap on “Ad Blocker Actions” in a bottom row;


  • Report a problem by tapping the link you’re seeing under “Report a Problem”.

How do I check for blacklist updates?

Tap “check for updates” (you’ll see it right away at the bottom center as you open the app) to look for the latest updates. To stay up to date with fresh blacklist updates, we also suggest you to turn on Notifications, and you’ll get notified immediately once a new version is available.

How can I add a website to a whitelist?

You can create your own “friendly” whitelists of certain sites without affecting your other ad blocking preferences. To add a website to a whitelist, follow the steps:

  1. Open ‘Safari’ and a website you want to put to your whitelist;
  2. Tap ‘Open In’ button;
  3. Select “Ad Blocker Actions’ in a bottom row;
  4. Set the site ON.

What languages does Ad Blocker support?

Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish

How do I turn off Ad Blocker?

Here’s how to disable ad blocking:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select ‘Safari’ and choose ‘Content Blockers’
  3. Disable ‘Ad Blocker’