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Liberating each iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch user from tonnage of ads that hijack Safari browser, ad-blocking genie app by Melpak with its neatly clean, sleek, and polished native iOS look not just works 100% of the time, but is as much as 5X faster to set up – in just a minute!

Being a new mature solution & real cut above the lying rest of apps that fail to block anything at all, make sites looking weird & jumbled, with limited trial time, frustrating layout, fussy setup, and a lot of lagging, Ad Blocker by Melpak gives each and every user priceless privilege to surf the web with no confusion, no fuss and ZERO ads!

Screen grabbing banners, random pop-ups, floating box ads, pre-roll & in-video YouTube adverts, full loud auto-plays, no-exit layering takeovers, redirects and trackers – the app cuts off even the most inescapable distractions!  

With regular updates on the very latest blacklisted sources, pages looking 100% clean, up to 50% less data usage, 4X improved loading time and lag-free scrollview, users notice the immediate difference in Safari browsing – safer, smoother, faster and in every way more enjoyable & peaceful!

No need to tolerate being bombarded with ads all over without your approval, no need to waste data and time loading ads, scripts and trackers! Absolutely no annoyances left to drag things alone, interrupt and stop you from enjoying the content to the full!

Set it and forget about ads! Entirely zenful web surfing – once and for all!