100% ADS-FREE WEB on your iPhone & iPad

Block Banner & Pop-Up Ads

Remove all kinds of screen grabbing banners & random pop ups blowing in your face all of a sudden! Nothing will trouble and slow your down the next million times you open up a page!

Block Youtube and Video Ads

Get rid of pre-roll & in-video YouTube adverts, flash media and full loud auto-plays! No sudden interruptions, pauses or playback stopping! Ultimate comfort & smooth annoyance-free video watching!

Block Layer Ads

Browse web pages in full without distractions! Even the most inescapable fly-ins, floating box ads and irritating layering takeovers sliding across and covering the page - all gone! Nothing stops you from enjoying the content you want!

Block Redirects

Put a stop to countless automatic redirect ads you don’t even click on! No kicking you off the webpage you’re on, no constant force forwarding! Feel in a full control over peaceful browsing experience!
Take a huge step forward your zenful web browsing experience! Enjoy to the full a pure, usable Internet free of maddening ads and distractions!
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The Best Adblock Extension for Safari

5X faster setup

No confusion, no fuss! Easy to use, easy to manage and as much as 5X crazy-faster to setup than most ad blocker apps! All you need is 1 minute!

Up to 80% speedier Safari browsing

Content loads 4X faster, pages look cleaner and easier to view & scroll!

Up to 25% extra battery life

Lots of saved iPhone's battery power will add hours and make it last even longer!

Infinite ads-free privacy

An ultimate power to clean up the ad mess! Nothing left to trouble, interrupt or distract you!

Freshest blocklist data

Nothing gets missed! Regular updates with the very latest blacklisted sources will keep you 100% safe across the web!

Up to 50% less data usage

Saving traffic, saving money and boosting efficiency! On cellular & wi-fi!

As Steve Jobs would say,

Enjoy the ultimate benefit of priceless privilege to see the web the way you want - CLEANER, FASTER, SMOOTHER and in every way BETTER!
Make Safari browsing a true breeze!
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